CONNEK Interview with friend of the CONNEK family: Lydia Chang


Tell me about your experience with queerness.
”My experience has been positive for the most part. Most of my friends and family who are aware of my same sex relationship have been supportive. I find that the general public is becoming more accepting of queer relationships. The only discomfort I have felt is from the assumptions that I have in my head that people are not comfortable with it. However, thus far no one has outwardly expressed any negativity toward my partner and I when we’re together. The queer events I have attended show a supportive community that encourages freedom of expression.”

How do you conceive of home?
”Home is not a place but a feeling. Where one feels comfort and security, surrounded by loved ones, who he/she can be their authentic selves without judgement.”

What is one of the biggest myths about Jamaica?
”That Jamaicans smoke weed all day and move at a relaxed pace in any situation.”

Why is the CONNEK project important to you?
”Most people, regardless of sexual orientation, just want to feel free to be themselves, be accepted, and not be judged. This project is important because it forms a bridge between the general public and the queer community, where everyone can feel free, have fun, and be in a comfortable setting to get to know one another and dispel any negative thoughts/assumptions about the queer community.”