CONNEK Interview with CONNEK ambassador: Kyym Savage


Tell me about your experience with queerness.
”Queerness has allowed me to express myself to my full potential. Living as a Queer Trans Woman has caused me to break barriers of inclusion by accepting diversity within the queer community. Being queer means believing that everyone has the right to be themselves and express themselves without being judged or hated because that doesn’t fit in with what’s normal. Being queer means challenging everything that’s considered normal – and that has been my exact experience.”

How do you conceive of home?
”Home is where we should be free and feel safe, and unfortunately, this is not the case for Jamaica. I appreciate the few safe spaces where Trans / Queer people can enjoy themselves or just access, however, there’s much work to do before it can really be considered home.”

What is one of the biggest myths about Jamaica?
”That it is one of the most homophobic places on earth.”

Why is the CONNEK project important to you?
”Connek project is important to me because I get to expand my connek-tion with people of Queer and Alternative Communities. I would like to build stable and long lasting connek-tions with other ambassadors and people who are apart of the project. Connek-ting with people of different cultures and social groups means that I get to celebrate diversity in a larger capacity and contribute to a movement where Queer and Alternative people can exist through different engagements and interactions.”