CONNEK Interview with friend of the CONNEK family: Kandice Thomas


Tell me about your experience with queerness.
”My experience in Jamaica as it relates to queerness has not been toxic as people may think it is here in Jamaica. I have a real group of friends who have my back. I’ve heard horror stories about homophobia but have none to share myself. I will say though having friends has been really important for me living my life out and proud. I don’t feel alone knowing I have them.”

How do you conceive of home?
”Jamaica is paradise, there’s no lie there, but my island has a lot of growing to do in many ways. The lack of knowledge makes it hard to have conversations about sexuality, gender and other social political issues. That part is tragic.”

What is one of the biggest myths about Jamaica?
”Jamaicans NEVER say ‘Irie’ and there are indeed safe spaces for lgbtq people.”

Why is the CONNEK project important to you?
”I really would love for awareness and education about the lgbtq to influence a better future for Jamaicans. I believe this CONNEK movement will encourage that and much more. I’m excited to do my part.”