CONNEK Interview with friend of the CONNEK family: Will H


Tell me about your experience with queerness.
”My experience with queerness is normal from my perspective. Most persons believe I’m male so the reactions other individual get might defer from mine. Growing up in a Jehovah Witness family it was hard being myself for most years of my life, but the older I get the more I grow into who I am.”

How do you conceive of home?
”Jamaica is one of the best places to be. The crime and injustice you hear about happens no different than it does globally. For a small nation we have a lot of love for life! We turn nothing into something. The energy Jamaica/Jamaicans give off can’t never be replicated. I am forever proud to be Jamaican!”

What is one of the biggest myths about Jamaica?
”Lol there’s so many.... the biggest I would think is that we are violent people. Not saying that we don’t have violence in the country but people often paint all Jamaicans as arrogant and ignorant when that’s not all of the population. We have persons in all occupations doing all sorts of good that goes unhighlighted. We as a people need to bring more attention to that globally and here at home.”

Why is the CONNEK project important to you?
”I believe CONNEK is a need for the LGBT here in Jamaica. A save zone to come be you and be queer without any reservations. I am looking forward to being apart of the team and helping CONNEK grow.”