On April 9-13, 2020 CONNEK invites you to see a “queer, safe, beautiful, [and] LIT” Jamaica through a variety of activities, from hiking to nights out on the town, focusing on Jamaica’s diverse beauty. It’s the perfect vacation for foreigners and staycation for locals in Jamaica looking to connect to other queer folk and liberals in Kingston. 

Our second annual trip includes workshops and family dinners to foster connection with locals, a fundamental pillar of CONNEK’s mission. The trip leads to our CONNEK bashment, a night of celebration and dancing between locals and CONNEKTEES (locals and foreigners who purchase a CONNEK package). We are working exclusively with queer talent, allies of the community and local vendors across the board. CONNEK is committed to building up the queer Kingston community thriving outside of the “resort” industry pigeon holding a lot of Jamaica’s tourism.

Interested but want to set up a call with the cofounders to talk through the trip? Hit the button below to schedule a what’s app call with the CONNEK team.


For the international attendees you will be at One32 Guest House where we had our CONNEK lodging and bashment last year. This bed and breakfast is owned by our CONNEK family Jade who has always been an ally to the community and also makes the most amazing meals for purchase. Jade has been a huge support of Jamsterdam, RAGGA NYC and CONNEK for sometime now. She is dedicated to making sure all international attendees feel at home in her humble bed and breakfast. One32 Guest House has a outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, garden, bar and shared lounge all in a secure, gated part of Kingston. The private suites of One32 Guest House have their own entrance, bathroom and kitchen. The single rooms in the shared suites have share bathroom and kitchens.

Accommodations room size and layout of the space to come available upon request. Please contact with any questions.


Whats included in the CONNEK package fee:

  • Transportation to and from the airport and to all planned CONNEK events including Saturday excursions

  • Entrance to all CONNECK planned tours and events, excluding the Saturday partner day excursions

  • Hotel/ Lodging is included for international attendees. 5 Days & 4 Nights

  • Jamaican breakfast will be provided everyday of the trip

  • Entrance into the CONNEK Bashment party Saturday night

  • Tour guides and security is provided by the CONNEK team to keep everyone together, informed and safe

What’s not Included?

  • Attendees should expect to bring money for lunch, dinner and libations. See full itinerary for detail

  • Flights are not included in the CONNEK package


Port Royal, fresh seafood waterfront lunch at Gloria's Seafood, CONNEK family toast and dinner, and CONNEK ambassador showcase.

Port Antonio, boating at the Blue Lagoon, Boston Jerk lunch, Reach Falls, Winifred Beach, CONNEK family dinner, and night on the town in Kingston.

CONNEK partners day excursions, lunch at Chilitos JaMexican, Dinner at Scotchies Kingston, and CONNEK Bashment.

Blue Mountain coffee at Cafe Blue, lunch at EITS Cafe, CONNEK Networking workshop: “For Us By Us”, and Kingston Dub Club for dinner.

DAY 5:
Sleep in, exchange numbers, lay by the pool and check out.



CONNEKTEE Approximate spend for the day: $30 USD)
All CONNEKTEES arriving in KIngston will be meet the CONNEK shuttle bus no matter when your flight gets in.

We will head out to Port Royal in the afternoon. Port Royal is one of the oldest and most historic regions of the country, which has maintained much of its independence as well as its heritage.

In Port Royal we will have an amazing fresh seafood waterfront lunch at Gloria's Seafood, cocktails and do some sightseeing. Then to the hotel to freshen up for the CONNEK family toast and dinner, in collaboration with local and international chefs. This dinner will be cover by CONNEK.

After dinner will have a CONNEK ambassador showcase with performances by the CONNEK Ambassadors including the musical talents of Moon and poetry from Dom the poet.

CONNEKITE Approximate spend for the day: $40)
Breakfast will be provided everyday during the trip. CONNEKITES can expect fresh fruit, juices and vegan/ vegetarian options. Some of the menu will include: ackee and saltfish, fried breadfruit, green banana porridge, steamed cabbage and saltfish, Johnny cakes, fried sweet plantains and more!

Our day starts early (6:30 am), as we venture outside of Kingston to the beautiful tropical oasis, Portland. Portland is a parish on the northeast coast of the island of Jamaica. Port Antonio (capital of Portland) is the small, laid-back capital, with faded colonial-era mansions lining the Titchfield Peninsula. Sandy beaches fringe the forested coast between the city and the deep waters of the Blue Lagoon farther east.


On our day in Portland we will do boating through the world famous Blue Lagoon. With glistening, turquoise blue waters surrounded by lush greenery, Blue Lagoon is a vision of beauty.

For lunch CONNEK will get the delicious Boston Jerk for everyone on the trip included in the CONNEK package. Boston Jerk also has vegan and vegetarian options for all attendees. Don't worry we gotchu lol.


Then we head over to Reach Falls, centered on an exotic waterfall cascading down a rock face into an emerald river pool. Reach Falls offers the opportunity to enjoy the cascading waterfall, a picnic area, and a guided tour upstream the Driver’s River (which feeds the waterfall) featuring a visit inside the legendary underwater cave.


Then we finally make it to the beach for some sunshine and waves at Winifred Beach. Winifred Beach is a popular, local beach in Portland. It is traditionally Jamaican, with native food stalls, donkey rides and plenty of shade.

Then we head back to Kingston to freshen up and have our CONNEK family dinner included in the package. For dinner we will have our close friend to the CONNEK team Shoshana W. Lee as the chef. Shoshana will be making a special Jamaican dinner including vegan/ vegetarian options. Some of the menu will include: oxtail and beans, baked chicken, rice and peas, fry fish, sweet plantain and more.

After dinner we head out for a night on the town in Kingston to celebrate Carnival month at a bacchanal function with CONNEK ambassadors! CONNEK will not cover club entry and drinks so CONNEKTEES should be prepared to spend approximately $30 USD club entry and $5 USD per drink.

CONNEKTEE Approximate spend for the day: $30-180 depending on excursion choice)
Do yuh owna ting! For the day we have teamed up with some CONNEK partners that offer day excursions for your 3rd day in Jamaica. CONNEKTEES, will split up into smaller groups to go on day excursions depending upon what you sign up for. These excursions are not included and vary in price. These excursions can be doubled up or be your main event for the day. The CONNEK team will work with all CONNEKTEES to schedule your day! See below for detail:

For lunch your driver for the day will take CONNEKTEES to the amazing Jamaican/ Mexican fusion restaurant, Chilitos JaMexican. Managed by friends of the CONNKE family who is queer and staffs a lot of queer Jamaicans, Chilitos is affordable and the perfect lunch spot. (Approximately $10-25 USD). For dinner we will head to Scotchies Kingston. (Approximately $10-20 USD)

Then the main event! At 10pm we kick off our CONNEK 2nd annual bashment with DJ talent from Kingston. Open to the community and all CONNEKTEES this party goes till late! If you've watched the videos or seen the madness RAGGA NYC and Jamsterdam bring to the dance floor you'll know to come stretched and ready. Club entry will be included in the CONNEK package for CONNEKTEES.

CONNEKTEE Approximate spend for the day: $45)
Relax or sleep in but not too much as we head into the world famous Blue Mountains at 1pm to have the world famous The Blue Mountains coffee at Cafe Blue (Approximately $6 USD).


For lunch we then head over to EITS Cafe (Approximately $15-35 USD). EITS café is a rustic eatery in the Blue Mountains which serves up an appealing fusion of European and Jamaican cuisine. At this farm to table restaurant nestled in the mountains many of the ingredients are grown on-site at the Food Basket Farm or by neighbouring farmers.

At lunch we will have our CONNEK Networking workshop: “For Us By Us”. This workshop will be a formal opportunity for attendees to exchange information about their art, projects and/or careers to foster connections within the CONNEKTEE family. This workshop will be open to the public by RSPV or submission of your business card. CONNEK will release an open call in Winter 2020 for business topics/ questions for the group to discuss lead by CONNEK family member Anika. This group talk will then be followed by a very special panel lead by CONNEK co founders Chris & Chaday as we talk with the monumental queer organizations in Jamaica - TransWave Jamaica and J-FLAG. On the panel we will discuss their work, plans for the future for each organization and take questions from the group.

TransWave Jamaica is the country’s first non-profit organization solely dedicated to focusing on promoting the health and well-being of the transgender and gender non-conforming communities. TransWave takes a holistic approach to advocacy, addressing not only the socio-political issues we face, but also the mental, emotional and physical health of our community through our various initiatives.


J-FLAG is a human rights and social justice organisation which advocates for the rights, livelihood and well- being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Jamaica. J-FLAG work seeks to build a Jamaican society that respects and protects the rights of everyone.

At the mountains near EITS Cafe CONNEKTEES will also have the option to hike down to the river to take a dip before we head back to Kingston.

After the workshop we head to Kingston Dub Club (Approximately $25 USD) for our last night Kingston. Kingston Dub Club has achieved something of a legendary status; high above Kingston on Skyline drive, the club opens its doors every Sunday evening for an immersive evening of matchless music. With an extensive menu Kingston Dub Club specializes in ital food. Ital, the diet of the Rastafari movement of Jamaica, is a vegetarian diet principally intended to improve health and energy.

DAY 5: Sleep in, exchange numbers, lay by the pool and check out. For those who are extending their trip or not leaving until late the CONNEK team can put you in contact with resources to see anything in Kingston you didn't get to see before you head home.