CONNEK TRIP 2019 - APRIL 4-8, 2019

An inclusive experience in Kingston, Jamaica where we were able to see a “queer, inclusive, safe, beautiful, LIT” Jamaica together. CONNEK is dedicated to spotlighting the amazing queer talent in Jamaica who are rewriting the story of Jamaica’s relationship to queerness. With the power of travel and in person gatherings, CONNEK works to build community by hosting inclusive events in Jamaica throughout the year. Our main event is the CONNEK annual extended weekend filled with exclusive excursions, dinners and social gatherings. 

The 2019 CONNEK trip was EVERYTHING! Get into the pictures from our 2019 voyage:

The itinerary was as follows:

DAY 1: FLEWED OUT - participants come into Kingston, meet the CONNEK shuttle bus no matter when you flight gets in and get settled into the group house or their chosen hotel. Welcome dinner will be at a local Jamaican restaurant where all CONNEK participants will get to meet each other and the CONNEK team.

DAY 2: BEACH FLEX - We head out for a beach day to Lime Cay, Jamaica. Our own private paradise for the day which is a 20 minute boat ride to the private island from main land. Ocean canyon rides, snorkeling, water exploration and more! CONNEK will bring lunch for the squad followed by a night on the town in Kingston to celebrate Carnival month at a bacchanal function with CONNEK ambassadors.

DAY 3: BRUK OUT - Spend the day shopping, eating, drinking and about town with the CONNEK team in Kingston. From the National Museum Jamaica, uptown market to the Kingston Weed dispensary we will spend the day out in Kingston. We will also make a visit to the J-Flag headquarters. That night we head to the RAGGA NYC x JAMSTERDAM CONNEK bashment at our special venue hosted by CONNEK ambassadors, with musical ministry by Musical Savage Wixard, DJ Ear Audigy and more!

DAY 4: THE BLUE MOUNTAINS - Sleep in but not too much as we head into the Blue Mountains to Hollywell Park, Jamaica. We will hike to the waterfall to swim, eat fresh fruits, smoke and chill. The CONNEK team will supply lunch for the excursion. That night we will have a big CONNEK family dinner catered by a local chef at the CONNEK guest house.

DAY 5: Sleep in, exchange numbers, lay by the pool and check out.